Skilled with Carbon Steel

As one of the leading steel fabricators in Cleveland, Ohio, All-Type Welding and Fabrication, Inc. has the expertise necessary to work with all types of high-carbon steel.

Carbon steel is ferrous like any other type of steel—and that has its advantages. Ferrous metals are known for their durability and tensile strength. But carbon steel’s higher carbon content makes extreme hardness its most unique and beneficial property.

Ideal carbon steel applications are those requiring sharpness and/or strength and include machine tools, taps, springs, drills and even skyscrapers and bridges (it’s called “structure steel” for a reason).

Carbon steel is also a much more economical choice compared to other types of steel, and can be used to greatly reduce project costs. To help lower the bottom line of your steel projects, ATWF’s expert welders can precisely weld stainless steel to carbon steel. And our engineering team has the deep knowledge to know exactly when these dissimilar materials can be welded together and not compromise a project’s overall quality.